From the recording Answer the Call

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Answer the Call Mitchell/Russell

Out of the chains into the choice
Changing my life to find my voice
Facing the fear, questioning the customary
Out of the fat into the fire
Flexing the wings of desire
Dodging the dogma, like a maverick in a monastery

You must lose to win it all
Climb the mountain, take the fall
Lose your self to find your soul -- answer the call
You’ll be called and called again
By your fate or by a friend
Awakening to shed your skin -- answer the call

Out of my head and into my heart
Finding the courage to start
Tentative toehold on the outside of ordinary
Out of my rut, into the groove
Now that the mountain starts to move
Nothing to lose, nothing to prove, nothing -- except the journey

Repeat Chorus

There’s a choice we each have to make
There’s a chance we each have to take

Out of the pain and onto the path
Learning to love, learning to laugh
Poised with a pen, the author of your one true story

Repeat Chorus